Cultural Collapse

It’s a sign of our cultural collapse that supporting our vision has come to be seen as wicked, while undermining that vision has come to be seen as noble. For example, children in school are never encouraged to want the material rewards of success. Success is something to be sought for its own sake, certainly not for any wealth it might bring. Business leaders might be offered as role models because (more…)


Donation Information

JAMBO contributed ¥10000 each to
Japan Environmental Action Network (www.jean.jp)
Arakawa Clean Aid (www.cleanaid.jp)
Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation (www.bikazaidan.or.jp/),
3 groups which carry out activities to clean up Japan’s oceans and rivers.

These funds come from you, the participants of JAMBO, Thank you very much.


A Great Truth

There is a tale of a man who found on the road a large stone bearing the words, “Under me lies a great truth.” The man strained to turn the stone over and finally succeeded. On the bottom was written, “Why do you want a new truth when you do not practice what you already know?”((From “Meditation” (by Eknath Easwaran), Page 204)



Worry is a form of directed energy. Worry removes your focus from everything else and directs it in a concentrated manner on that which you fear. Worry and fear then join to bring into your existence the very thing which you feared.

You stop worrying when you understand the universal laws that make things work. One of those laws says (more…)