Create and Heal

Buddha was once threatened with death by a bandit.
“Then be good enough to fulfill my dying wish,” said Buddha. “Cut off the branch of that tree.”
One slash of the sword, and it was done!
“What now?” asked the bandit.
“Put it back again,” said Buddha.
The bandit laughed. “You must be crazy to think that anyone can do that.”
“On the contrary, it is you who are crazy to think that you are mighty because you can wound and destroy. That is the task of children. The mighty know how to create and heal.” (From “The Heart of the Enlightened” by Anthony deMello, 35-6)

JAMBO Donation

JAMBO contributed 10,000 yen each to to 3 groups which carry out activities to clean up Japan’s oceans and rivers.

Japan Environmental Action Network
Arakawa Clean Aid
Kanagawa Coastal Environmental Foundation,

These funds come from you, the participants of JAMBO, Thank you very much.

Garbage Pickup

You might have heard about plastic in the oceans or seen photos of various sea creatures either trapped in garbage or poisoned by it. These gruesome images make us wish that someone had done something about it. And rightfully so. But what if there was something you could do, right in your area?



The Forest

Once upon a time there was a forest where the birds sang by day and the insects by night. Trees flourished, flowers bloomed, and all manner of creatures roamed about in freedom.

And all who entered there were led to Solitude, which is the home of God, who dwells in Nature’s silence and Nature’s beauty.

But then the Age of Unconsciousness arrived, when it became possible for people to construct buildings a thousand feet high and to destroy rivers and forests and mountains in a month. So (more…)